32-bit Software Compatibility


The following applications have been tested for 32-bit software compatibility on the Iyonix. 32-bit applications should work correctly on any machine running RISC OS 3.1 or later (preferably RiscPC or later) although in almost all cases we continue to ship (and support/upgrade) 26-bit versions too. The reason for this is that in many cases we are able to offer minor bonus functions in the 26-bit versions that haven't been easy to convert to 32-bit.

To cut a long story short, if you're running a RiscPC/A7000 or other 26-bit machine, stick with the standard versions of the software. If you're using an Iyonix, or other 32-bit enhanced machine, then go for the 32-bit versions.

At the time of writing, 32-bit versions are available for:


R-Comp Interactive R-Comp acquired
order.gif - 1349 bytes Other applications are expected to be added to this list soon. Please ask if you don't see the program you require listed.

Existing owners of these applications can upgrade for 15ukp per item, the exception being DialUp 2 customers for whom the upgrade is 5ukp. The maximum upgrade price is 75ukp (applicable to R-Comp software and RCI "serious" (not the games)), to ease the burden on those of our customers who have purchased lots of software.

For those wondering why the 32-bit upgrades are chargable, the answer is simple. Producing 32-bit versions has been very costly in one way or another, and you are paying for the time and support involved. Charging for the upgrades allows us to be able to continue to offer the ongoing development and support for which we are known.

One final note - users upgrading from 26-bit to 32-bit versions should retain their old discs, as these may well be required to qualify for future upgrades. Keep those discs safe!

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