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"Falsely accused and imprisoned in a high-security facility, you watch in horror as a mysterious biogenetic experiment turns everybody around you -- guards and prisoners alike, into ravening, inhuman monsters.  Your only hope -- steal a suit of powered armor, any weapons you can get your hands on, and make your way to the deepest level of the prison, before the plague spreads to the outside world."


  • RiscPC Computer, preferably Arm710 or StrongArm
  • 8Mb RAM or more
  • Hard Disc with 10Mb free space


  • Resolution independant graphics up to 1024x768
  • Stunning dynamic lighting and palette effects
  • Multi-directional smooth scrolling
  • Huge, full screen expolsions!!!
  • 256 colours or 24bpp, and even Desktop play modes!

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  Sound & Music

  • 8 channel stereo sound effects
  • Expandable sound system via LISP system

  Level Editor!

  • That's right - it includes a full desktop level editor
  • Works with the customisable LISP AI engine and sound system
  • Allows custom graphics and monsters
  • Put all that together, and you can build complete total conversions


  • Plays correctly written PC extra levels
  • Includes fully editable LISP AI for additional addons

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