Chaos Engine Title

Sometime In The Last Century,
An Experimenter With Time,
Space And Early Computers
Created A Bizarre Machine.
Although Primitive, The Machine
Became Incredibly Powerful And
Turned Against Its Creator.  
The results were soon found  
Its Power To Corrupt Time And
Matter Was Out Of Control.
A Cloud Of Chaos Descended
Over All The Lands.
Humans And Animals Were
Turned Into Ravenous Beasts.  


Mercenary A good all-rounder. He is quite mad and enjoys nothing more than experimenting with a collection of unsavory weapons.
Brigand Another well rounded talent and a cut throat bandit to boot.
Gentleman A lean and clever character. He is a dapper chap without a doubt. What he lacks in muscle he makes up with wit.
Navvie The strongest of the six characters. A good fighter with heavy weapons. Although he only has a few specials they are very destructive.
Thug When it comes to characteristics he could pass for the Navvie's brother. The Thug is a mammoth of a man, a little stupid but very powerful.
Preacher The smartest of the six characters but then, he has God on his side. Beware, his perverse nature is not to be trusted.


The Chaos Engine is a two player game, although the computer will control the second player when in "single player" mode. Each player selects a character from those described above, and each has their own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If you are in single player mode, the AI level can be increased up to the character's maximum as you progress through the game.

The game itself has features of arcade, adventure and role playing genres. The "in-level" sections are of the top-down action/adventure variety (see screenshots below). In order to progress, you'll need to do rather more than just blast bad guys! As you explore the game, you'll find coins and various power-ups to improve your characters. Coins can be spent at shops at various points through the game, and can be used to increase weapon power, buy special abilities, or increase statistics such as intelligence, speed, strength etc.

Whenever you complete a "world" you will receive a password reflecting characters chosen, and how well you are doing. This allows you to pick up where where you left off, at a later time.

The game is designed to work on most RISC OS 3.1+ machines, and is full compatible with the latest StrongArm/RISC OS 4 systems.


Level 1
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Level 3
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The Chaos Engine will run on any computer with RISC OS 3.1 or higher, and with 2 Mb RAM (4Mb recommended). A minimum of an ARM2 is needed (preferably ARM250/ARM3), but it requires a High-Density Drive. A HardDrive is recommended.

This is a one and a two player game.

Any queries regarding RISC OS Chaos Engine can be answered by e-mailing: