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Descent for RISC OS

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Now also includes Descent 2 as well!

Are you ready?

sphere.gif - 3275 bytes Drop into a mind-bending true 3D world populated by rampaging robotic mining droids. As a mercenary pilot hired by an unorthodox mining corporation to deal with a robitic infestation a primary lunar mining colony, you fly and blast your way through many levels of caverns and labarinthine corridors. Your mission - rescue any survivors and shut down the mine reactor any way you can. A safe return is entirely optional!

Descent is a fast action space flight/combat game offering unparalleled freedom of movement in all dimensions. For the first time, explore corridors leading from the roof, high up on walls or from the floor below.

Given its complex polygonal 3D environment (using similar technology to Quake), the highly optimised Descent engine produces smooth gameplay even at high resolutions and colour depths.

Descent - You're going Down!


  • StrongArm RiscPC Computer (will run on Arm710 at a pinch).
  • Minimum of 8Mb RAM required, with 16Mb preferable
  • Hard Disc with 20Mb free space
      SA, 18Mb RAM and 50Mb hard disc for Descent 2

  Pack Contents

  • 3 CD Roms - Descent, Descent audio CD, bonus PC level builder
  • 100+ bonus extra levels including all the finalists of Interplay's official Descent level building contest
  • Acorn driver disc
  • Collectors edition packaging


  • Resolution independant graphics allow the use of high resolutions
  • 16bpp and 32bpp (32,000 and 16 million) colour modes for realistic lighting and effects
  • Fully texture-mapped polygonal world with polygon monsters for an ultra-realistic game world
  • Stunning real-time lighting effects including flares
  • All static screens run at 640x480 for extra detail

  Sound & Music

  • 8 channel stereo sound effects
  • CD audio music and complete MIDI tracks too!


  • Plays correctly written PC extra levels
  • Includes a mission installer making adding and removing levels a cinch!

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