• Works on all Acorn RiscOS Computers
  • Arm3 or higher, StrongArm Enhanced
  • Minimum of 4Mb RAM required, with 8Mb or more preferable
  • Hard Disc with 1Mb free space - 30Mb recommended


  • Resolution independant:
    • Run at up to 1280x1024
    • With colour depths of up to 24bpp
    • The standard PC version only runs at 320x200 in 8bpp!
    • Note that ARM3 version runs at 320x256, with two alternative colour palettes
  • Transparency and Translucency Effects
  • Fast, smooth gameplay, with up to 50 fps
  • On a StrongArm, enjoy 640x480 with over 20fps!
  • Will run in a scalable window on the Desktop

  Sound & Music

  • 8 channel stereo sound effects
  • Great General MIDI music track (requires MIDI)
  • CD Audio support
  • !CDDB support
  • Atmospheric music adjustment


  • Works with all official id Doom game WADs (levels)
  • Plays all correctly written PC extra levels in standard pWAD format

  Network Support

  • Doom+ is fully network ready
  • Drivers for the following are included in the box:
    • TCPIP (UDP) for Local network play
    • Serial link-ups
    • Serial Modem play

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There follows a complete changes list...
DOOM+ (aka DOOM V2.01)

New for V2.01 (over V1.01)

 * Named IWAD files menu for easier selection.
 * Intelligent autoselection of IWAD when new PWAD chosen.
 * Start level selector, dynamically changing with IWAD and PWAD selection.
 * Up to 10 PWADs may be included.
 * Lump files of type &301 (DoomLump) can now be added.
 * Removing and reading information on PWADs made easier.
 * Video window now includes menu of possible screen modes, with an indication
   of whether 'full screen' display is possible.
 * 24 bit mode can now be made 'brighter' if you dislike the dingy effect of
   the original.
 * Control window reworked; keys more easily definable; mouse has more
   options; joystick support added.
 * Network skill level now uses skill names instead of numbers; monsters
   options now allow 'normal' style monsters.
 * Network driver can now be killed if it supports the new netspec.
 * Additional command line arguments may be supplied in the 'Misc' window.
 * Can be configured to automatically set the filetype of PWADs files.
 * Configuration is now written to the user choices path, giving greater
   flexibility on networks.
 * Support for much longer command lines, allowing a Doom and PWADs to be run
   from almost any directory.
 * All /wad files will appear to have the correct filetype.
 * Configuration can be saved as a seperate application to aid quick launching
   of multiple PWADs.

 * Works on a 4Mb A5000, with a choice of palettes.
 * Speed increase of over 25% against an equivilent v1.01.
 * 'Fast' and 'Cached' initialisation, makes the game start more quickly, with
   startup in around 2 seconds on an A5000.
 * Deals more robustly with broken PWADs, and can automatically update
   most textures, flats and monsters without the need for external utilities.
 * Error trapping improved, meaning that partially broken PWADs should never
   crash the game.
 * Additional option for more intensive checks of seriously misdesigned PWADs
   can make them play correctly.
 * PWADs for variants of Doom will give warnings. Designers may find this
   feature useful.
 * Desktop game play improved with better key and mouse handling, as well as
   an ability to suspend the game. Resizing the window to smaller than 1:1 is
   now possible.
 * Saving/loading games will never crash the game. Broken save files will now
   abort with an explanation.
 * Memory management improved, and should never lock the computer now.
 * Scroll Lock now activates PAUSE.
 * Visplanes and Drawsegs overflows are now impossible. These would have taken
   the effect of 'Hall of Mirrors' effects and missing floors. Consequently,
   poorly designed PWAD files will now work correctly.
 * Texture problems with Ultimate Doom and PWADs (previously causing problems
   with Trinity.wad) are now fixed.
 * Saving screenshots made simpler through menu option, or PRINT key.
 * Shareware Doom1 v1.0 IWAD lump problems now fixed.
 * Descriptive 'finale' text can now be sped up by pressing a key.
 * More reliable demo recording and playback.
 * Joystick/Joypad control is now possible.
 * New cheats added.

 * Between level screen melt added. A5000 has a less memory intensive 'blinds'
   effect. The effect will not be used if memory is running low.
 * Improved Automap now allows PIP (Picture-In-Picture) view of the map,
   overlayed map, a map that rotates with the player, and anti-aliased map
 * Multiple message lines are now possible.
 * Message lines can now be in a number of colours.
 * Low detail display now shows the gun correctly, and in full screen more of
   the gun is visible.
 * AutoMap titles on maps replaced by PWADs will now appear as 'Level x' or
   'Episode x, Level y' which is more realistic. Similarly, Par times won't
   appear for such levels.
 * Single buffering implemented, allowing full screen play in every defined
   8bit or 24bit mode. 480x352x16M and 1024x768x256 are now possible on 1Mb
 * Monster/player proximity sensor, giving an indication of where things are.
 * Translucency can make some items in the game partially transparent. This
   can give a more realistic effect.
 * Spectres can now appear using the old 'fuzz' effect, or as a dim
   translucent version, which looks much better especially in 24 bit modes.
 * Optional clock ensures you don't spend hours in Doom, and an alarm can
   remind you of this.
 * Optional 'quick' status in full screen mode, providing your health, key
   cards and ammo.
 * Monsters remaining and secrets discovered can be displayed in the automap.
 * 'Kill messages' mean you can now know what (or who) you have killed.
 * Secret areas can give notification when entered.

 * Sound effects can now have their stereo balance swapped.
 * CD Music can be used instead of internal MIDI music.
 * Atmospheric music makes the music react to the events in the game.
 * IDMUSIC cheat will now identify the currently playing track. IDMUSCD will
   identify the currently playing CD.
 * Integrates with !CDDB to provide a track and CD naming.

 [Networking improvements]
 * Can end level after a player has achieved a number of kills, aka 'First to
   x kills wins'.
 * Can end level when a player is a number of kills ahead of all others, aka
   'x kills ahead wins'.
 * Improved network support means that games will autodetect Doom+ games and
   use its features.
 * More robust network code should now never leave the driver and the game
   unaware of one another.
 * F12 always exits to the desktop now. 0 will now switch views in cooperative
 * Playing against a PC is now possible, using the serial driver.

 * Better support for malformed PWADs.
 * Support for pre-release IWADs.
 * Support for DeuSF style PWADs.
 * More specific lump names identified where applicable.

 * Conversion from Doom sprite and flat files to RISC OS sprites.
 * Conversion to Doom sprite files from RISC OS sprites.

 * Improved reliability.
 * Help file updated with more details of setting up > 2 player games

 * Null-Modem serial play.
 * Modem-to-Modem serial play.
 * Exceptionally easy to use.
 * Support for PC play.