Acorn RiscPC Doom


  • Works on all Acorn RiscPC Computers
  • StrongArm Enhanced
  • Minimum of 4Mb RAM required, with 8Mb or more preferable
  • Hard Disc with 1Mb free space - 30Mb recommended


  • Resolution independant:
    • Run at up to 1024x768
    • With colour depths of up to 24bpp
    • The standard PC version only runs at 320x200 in 8bpp!
  • Fast, smooth gameplay, with up to 50 fps
  • On a StrongArm, enjoy 640x480 with over 20fps!
  • Will run in a scalable window on the Desktop

  Sound & Music

  • 8 channel stereo sound effects
  • Great General MIDI music track (requires MIDI)


  • Works with all official id Doom game WADs (levels)
  • Plays all correctly written PC extra levels in standard pWAD format

  Network Support

  • Acorn Doom is fully network ready
  • Drivers for the following networks are under development:
    • TCPIP (UDP) for Local network play and Internet Play
    • Serial link-ups
    • Non-TCPIP Modem play