Note: We have had some problems recently with our hosting company, and you may experience errors (eg. 404 not found) when ordering via these pages (no charge will occur as the order will never complete). If so, we suggest you use our !Store download service for RISC OS software which will save you postage fees etc. You can find more info about !Store at http://www.plingstore.org.uk/

We are now using secure ordering for our products, in order to give customers a greater sense of protection when ordering online. A side effect of this is that some older RISC OS browsers may be unable to submit orders. WebsterXL users will require SecureSockets module 1.01 (RiscPC) or (1.03) Iyonix - as supplied with most versions of WebsterXL version 1.90 or later. Most recent RISC OS browsers support SSL, but if you have any doubts, please phone your order through to us on (+44) (0)1925 755043.

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Please note, you may see references to Plus.net, who provide our SSL secure pages.

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