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Acorn Quake



  • StrongArm RiscPC Computer.
  • Minimum of 8Mb RAM required, with 16Mb or more preferable
  • Hard Disc with 70Mb free space


  • Resolution independant graphics allow the use of high resolutions (for future hardware)
  • 13+fps action at lower resolutions on current hardware
  • Fully texture-mapped polygonal world including polygon monsters and objects for an ultra-realistic game world
  • Dark, moody setting, with stunning lighting effects

  Sound & Music

  • 8 channel stereo sound effects
  • CD audio music by top band Nine Inch Nails (NIN)


  • Plays correctly written PC extra levels
  • Supports total conversion such as Malice and Q-Zone (both supplied)
  • Quake-C supported

  Network Support

  • Acorn Quake is fully network aware
  • Full TCPIP play is supported both on local networks
    and on the Internet
  • Play against PC Quake players online on standard Quake servers!

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