Acorn Syndicate+


  • Take control of a futuristic Syndicate and orchestrate your bid for global domination!
  • Control a team of up to four cyborg agents,
    tackling a variety of absorbing missions including assasinations,
    combat patrols, search and rescue and persuasion extractions.
  • Develop and use many new weapons, armour and upgrades
  • Tax provinces you control to fund your research and equipment,
    but watch out for revolt!


  • RiscPC or ARM 3 computer with 8Mb RAM
  • Hard Disc with 13Mb free space
  • CDRom Drive


  • 640x480 (640x400) hi res graphics
  • 32bpp colour model for graphcs rendering (RiscPC only)
  • Superb cut-scenes and intro set the scene beautifully
  • Futuristic military and suburban models create a unique and totally immersive world


  • 8 channel stereo sound effects
  • Full General MIDI SoundTrack, specially re-orchestrated for RiscOS!

  In the Box

  • Acorn Syndicate+ includes both the original Syndicate game, and its amazing expansion - The American Revolt

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