R-Comp Internet Suite and DialUp 4

The R-Comp Internet Suite offers RISC OS users a complete Internet software pack, including web browser, email/news program and connection software. The suite isn't tied to any particular internet provider, and works with all the Internet Providers that we have tried. This means that you can use the software with whichever Provider is best for you, and swap and change if you wish. What's more, the software allows you to use several internet accounts with ease, fetching mail from all of them.

If you don't already have an internet account, we will happily set one up for you with FreeUK (or similar) when you purchase the Suite. It is worth saying that we derive no benefit from this process - you aren't signing up with us - we aren't tying you into anything binding.

Each program in the R-Comp Suite is also sold individually. This means that each program has to compete as a standalone application as well, and ensures the highest quality. It also means that you can build up to the full suite if you so desire, though it does work out a little more expensive that way.

The key individual elements (WebsterXL and Messenger Pro) each have their own sections on our web site already, so the main section of this page is dedicated to DialUp - the connection program. It is so easy to set up and use, and forms the "hub" for the suite, so it is rather appropriate that it forms the main part of this central page of information. For broadband or network users, we offer NetFetch instead of DialUp - more info can by found by following this link. Both DialUp and NetFetch utilise our Hermes software, which is described on the NetFetch page.

If you are using the pd version of Messenger (ie. with Newsbase) or other old email software, please click here to download the "transports" required to ensure they work with DialUp.

Click here to download additional, less common Internet Provider files for use with DialUp

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DialUp Press Release

R-Comp's DialUp internet connection software has now been around
for a few weeks, and is already receiving extremely positive
feedback from users (see below for some user comments).  The
software makes getting onto the internet a breeze, being simple
to set up, and extremely easy to use.

DialUp works happily with all the internet providers we have 
tested with, including (in no particular order):
  Demon          FreeUK         FreeServe           Tiscali
  NTLworld       UKOnline       BTinternet          Tesco Net
  Demon.nl       Pipex          Argonet             Zetnet
  TeleDanmark    LineOne        TeleWest BlueYonder  etc....

The software will happily make use of the connection scripts
which most internet providers generate for their Windows
customers, making setting up your RISC OS machine for new
providers extremely straightforward.  Of course, files for a
selection of common providers are included with DialUp, if you
already have an internet account.

DialUp includes the option to "quickfetch" mail and news.  This
allows you to tell DialUp to connect, fetch your mail and/or news,
and then disconnect automatically.  Of course, if you change your
mind and want to stay online, that's OK too!

Below, you'll find a list of Questions and Answers which should
give you more information about the features of DialUp.


There has been some confusion over the pricing and availability
of DialUp.  We hope the figures below clarify things a little.

The basic price of DialUp is 30ukp, but this is reduced if you
by it with other applications:
  25ukp  for customers who buy it with Messenger Pro or WXL
  20ukp  for customers upgrading from DialUp3

Please note that we are happy for you to claim the above 
discounts if you purchase the related product at the same time.

We offer a full "R-Comp Internet Suite" consisting of DialUp,
WebsterXL and Messenger Pro for 79ukp, including a FreeUK
internet account if required.  You can choose to have this
with NetFetch if you are on broadband.

Internet connection packs consisting of DialUp, WXL, MPro, a
56k V90 modem and a FreeUK internet account are available
for 115ukp inc VAT and UK delivery from R-Comp Interactive.  
We regret that the modems are UK varieties, and hence probably 
not suitable for overseas.

Hardware/Software Requirements

DialUp3 requires that you have a modem connected to your computer,
preferably 28.8kb or higher, although older modems will probably
be OK, too. R-Comp Interactive supply 56k V90 modems for 45ukp inc.

Ideally, your computer will be running RISC OS 4 - most R-Comp
products are now "enhanced" for OS 4, but run just fine on
older systems too.  In the case of DialUp, we recommend that
users of older OS versions be running the "New Boot Sequence"
which Acorn released a couple of years back.  It has been 
included on several Acorn User CDs in recent times, particularly
the 200th issue.

Users have reported successfully running DialUp on machines as
old as the A30xx series with the New Boot Sequence installed.


Rather than just list a series of meaningless features, we felt
it would be prudent to present this information in a Question/
Answer format.

1) If I choose DialUp, what else do I need to do Internet "stuff"?

The simple answer is an Email reader such as our Messenger Pro2
product, and a web browser such as our WebsterXL browser.

DialUp includes email/news transfer software, and also the popular
FTPc file uploader/downloader.  (Credit to Joseph and Colin).

2) I have heard that other programs require extra bits,
   which may be commercial/shareware before connection can
   take place.  Does DialUp require any extras?
Apart from the Web Browser and Email packages mentioned above,
DialUp is complete in and of itself.  It can be extended with
other pd/commercial apps if required, but everything you need
to connect is supplied.

(Exception being "New Boot Sequence" - see above).

3) What is DialUp "like"?  Which other products does it compare
There's nothing quite like DialUp, because the package does a
great deal, whilst wrapping it up in such easy-to-use "clothing".

Programs like the connection part of ANT's internet suite, or
Socketeer or ArmTCP are in some ways comparable, but DialUp
provides an easier-to-use superset of these.  Perhaps the
closest relative is ANT's !InetSuite connection software, but
again, DialUp extends this with support for multiple
internet providers (easily switch between free and commercial
ISPs, or automatically between daytime/evening numbers).  Then 
add on support for Windows connection files, and the fact that 
it uses the proper in-built networking (Internet 5) so it won't 
mess with your network.

4) Does DialUp allow me to use multiple providers?  Can I use
   it to access free providers such as NTLworld, but still
   have access to my FreeServe/Demon etc. account?
Yes.  DialUp allows you to set up many different accounts, and
simply access them via a menu.  We currently have around 12
different accounts on our menu here!

Regardless of which one you connect to, the software will attempt
to fetch mail from as many accounts as possible, allowing you
to connect to a totally free provider, but still receive mail
from a different account which you'd normally pay for.

5) Does DialUp automatically configure mail and news fetching
   for me?
Yes.  DialUp ships with PopStar and Newshound, and both of
these are automatically set up.  In addition, you can add
extra email boxes, or alter existing ones via a simple window.

6) Can I use Browse/Fresco/Oregano with DialUp?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

7) Can I use Pluto with DialUp?

Yes, but we can't offer any support for this.  That isn't us
being awkward, we've just never used Pluto!  A number of our
customers have reported Pluto running successfully with DialUp.

8) Can I use Marcel or Acorn's !Mail with DialUp?

No.  Both of these products are tied directly into their 
"parent" connection products, and both have (to our knowledge)
ceased all form of development.  Since neither is particularly
outstanding compared with Messenger Pro 2 (or Pluto!), we do 
not consider this a great loss.

9) I'm currently using Acornet.  Can I upgrade and still have
   access to all my old mail etc.
Yes.  Although this is beyond the scope of this FAQ, you'll
need to rescue !NewsDir from inside Acornet and put it in
!Boot.Resources (or somewhere else that your computer "sees").

10) What would you say is DialUp's most exciting feature?

Probably the ease with which you can get set up and online.
DialUp is also fast, elegant and versatile.

11) Are there any providers which are consistantly failing to
Not to our knowledge, although things like AOL (which isn't
a dialup ISP in the normal sense) which require special
software are not within DialUp's scope.

12) Does it tell me the correct modem connection speed?  Will
    it work OK with *my* modem?

DialUp should give sensible connection speeds on most modems.
DialUp is being used with all manner of modems ranging from
old US Robotics Sportsters through the latest 3Com varieties
to Zoom, Dynalink, Hayes etc.  It has been tested with the
latest Rockwell and Lucent modem chipsets, used by the majority
of manufacturers.

13) Does DialUp support dynamic DNS assignment?

There's always one techy question!!!  No, but it does include
a default public DNS server which should allow successful
operation even if your provider won't give you this information.
** This has not been a problem thus far.

14) Will DialUp take down my local network?

No.  DialUp works with the standard Internet 5 stack, which your
network card will work with too.

15) Is DialUp pd/shareware.  Can you send me a free copy?

No.  We've spent a long time working on the software, and offer
full tech support.  We've tried to keep the price as low as
possible, especially to existing R-Comp customers.

16) I currently use ANT (or similar) - why should I change?

This is really down to what you want to do.  If you're completely
happy with your current software, and don't find it restricting
in any way, then you should probably stick with what you have.

If, however, you want to do things like easily switching between
different internet accounts, work with some "troublesome" ISPs
like NTLworld, easily set up and add new connections, or use
a program which is being updated and developed, then DialUp
would be a good choice.

That's not to say that you can't/shouldn't use other programs,
and the freeware programs like Socketeer and ArmTCP may also fit
the bill, but getting going with DialUp is likely to be quicker
and easier.

17) Can other programs trigger connections "on demand"?

Yes, but you'll always be warned before connection takes place.
The latest version of WebsterXL talks to DialUp so that it is
quite possible to click on a web link in Messenger Pro, have
WXL load, attempt to fetch the page, then establish a connection,
and display the page.  All with two mouse clicks (one on the
link in the first place, and another to confirm you want to
go online).

Also, DialUp allows you to set up "Tasks", which can require
an active internet connection.  If you are offline when you
choose to run one of these, DialUp will ask you if you want
to go online.

Finally, the protocols for triggering a connection are very
straightforward, and are documented for programmers.

18) Do I have to mess with the Network settings for my computer?
    I have tried to set other programs up that needed this, and
    have not been successful.
DialUp doesn't require any alteration of your network settings.
Indeed, if you're not on a network (don't have a network card)
we recommend simply disabling networking altogether, and letting
DialUp set everything up it needs automatically.  The aim of
the program is to make connection as easy as possible, and
to make it "self contained".  As such, leaving DialUp to look
after itself is usually the best bet.

User comments and Feedback

"Absolutely Fantastic"  "It is so easy!"

"I used to recommend that people try XXXXX but now I will recommend
this [DialUp] app"

"I can honestly say that !DialUp is the best thing to have arrived
on my desktop for a long time"

"It worked first time!"

"My primary internet is !DialUp because with XXXX multiple ISPs
is a pain in the ^&^*$ "

"It may be my imagination, but it seems to work much faster [than
my previous connection software]"

"Congratulations on a super little app!"

"The dialer seems really good"

"This [dialup] should be supplied with all new computers..."
(note it is now supplied with RiscStation internet packs).