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Latest News: DataPower 3 is now available with many new features. Upgrades start at £45 for existing registered DataPower 2 users, with a sliding scale of prices for users of older versions. The RRP of DataPower 3 is now £119 to reflect the additional functionality, and ensure a logical pricing structure.

As of February 2003, R-Comp came to an arrangement with Iota Software to take on the development, sales and on-going support of the RISC OS versions of DataPower, DataPower 2 and Image Outliner. DataPower 2 has been enhanced with the release of DataPower 2.26 on CD, and 2.32 - the Iyonix-compatible 32bit version. It is no longer hamstrung by its infamous protection system, and has received an overhaul of its user interface to bring it into the 21st century!

DataPower 1 has been expanded, improved and bug-fixed, emerging from development as DataPower Home. This product is both RiscPC and Iyonix compatible, and is supplied on CD without the intrusive protection system. DataPower Home includes an updated manual, new interface enhancements and more - the perfect entry level database.

The DataPower family was also available in Mac/PC format, but other standing arrangements mean that this site is for the RISC OS version.

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