What's new on the DataPower 2 web site

Wed 28th June 2000 DataPower 2.19 (28-Jun-00) released.
Wed 28th June 2000 New version of Script.dp1 documentation released here.
Tue 16th May 2000 DataPower 2.18 (16-May-00) released.
Tue 11th Apr 2000 DataPower 2.17 (10-Apr-00) released.
Mon 10th Apr 2000 Web Publishing with DataPower 2 - in the Documentation section
Mon 10th Apr 2000 Updating linked graphic files automatically - in the Documentation section
Wed 19th Jan 2000 Fix for Acorn RISC OS 4 and SimTec IDE installation problems released here.
Thu 8th July 1999 DataPower 2.16 (2-Jul-99) released (with support for WinFrame and LanMan98).
Thu 1st July 1999 John Moorhouse's database example page linked from the Examples page.
Wed 31st March 1999 Tone dialling using a modem on Acorn DataPower put onto Examples page.
Thu 11th March 1999 DataPower 2.15 (11-Mar-99) released.
Thu 4th March 1999 Added dp2discuss mailing list
Tue 16th February 1999 Added Diary example file
Tue 9th February 1999 Added Windows Installation Guide
Tue 24th November 1998 DataPower 2.14 (24-Nov-98) released.
Tue 27th October 1998 Added example file 'Stock Control'.
Mon 21st September 1998 DataPower 2.13 (21-Sep-98) released.
Mon 14th September 1998 DataPower 2.12 (11-Sep-98) released.
Wed 1st July 1998 DataPower 2.11 (1-Jul-98) released.
Wed 1st July 1998 Updated Invoices, Script and SQL example databases.
Wed 23rd June 1998 Added tutorial 'Library'
Thu 21st May 1998 DataPower 2.10 (21-May-98) released.
Mon 20th April 1998 DataPower 2.08 (20-Apr-98) released.
Tue 24th February 1998 Acorn DataPower 2.07 (24-Feb-98) fixes client/server problem on Acorn server.
Tue 17th February 1998 Updated to DataPower 2.07 on the download page.
Tue 16th December 1997 Updated to DataPower 2.04 on the download page.
Fri 12th December 1997 Updated Script and SQL example databases.
Tue 11th November 1997 Added DataPower 2 download page.
Mon 03rd November 1997 Added tutorial 'Invoices'.
Mon 03rd November 1997 Web site created.

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