Downloading the DataPower Reader (Acorn version)

You will need to double-click on !SysMerge to merge the contents of the !System folder supplied with the DataPower Reader into your existing copy of !System, after which the !System and !SysMerge folders that came with the DataPower Reader can be deleted if required.

On a RISC PC, the best place to put the !Borders application is in !Boot.Resources, as this will ensure that it is properly booted when your system starts up.

You can run the !DataPower application to start the DataPower Reader, or just double-click on a DataPower file and it should automatically load the DataPower Reader anyway in order to edit the file.

Note that if you already have the full version of DataPower there is no need to have the DataPower Reader on your system as well.

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