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DP Genealogy Records

The Family History Research Tool for RISC OS

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System Requirements

DPGR requires the following setup to run:

  • RiscPC, A7000, RiscStation, Iyonix, RISCube or A9
  • RISC OS 3.5 and higher
  • 16Mb of RAM
  • 10Mb of Hard Disc
  • VirtualRPC compatible

DP Genealogy Records (we're still working on a sexy name... suggestions welcomed!) provides a comprehensive system for recording, indexing and linking together all the multitude of different kinds of data and materials gathered during family history research...

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Marriage certificates, baptisms, births, death records, gravestones, war graves, military honours, census records, wills and probates, photos, files of GEDCOM information, books and even correspondence with other genealogists can be stored, and linked together via unique personal and family identifiers and a central "master index". This allows you to click through, finding people and using all the sources of information to link people/data together to power your family history research.

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Anyone involved in genealogy will know just how much paperwork is involved, and how linking things together, and finding (and more importantly, keeping track of!) all the different information can be the most time consuming part of the activity. Then, trying to sift through everything and figure out who's who, and how they all fit together... That's where this software comes in.

Main Index - 25Kb

The system has over 70 tables/views of information available, comprehensively covering the whole spectrum of genealogy research. HOWEVER, you *only* need to use the bits you're interested in at any one point in time!

R-Comp's Andrew Rawnsley stressed that there is nothing else like this for RISC OS machines, and that it complemented existing family-tree software. Creation of the family tree is very much the "end product" of family history research, but for most people, it is the researching, exploring and learning about the people; how they interacted and lived, that provides the addictive nature of the activity. That's where our software fits in - it provides the tools designed to aid your research and record all your findings, enabling cross referencing and the gradual piecing of all the information together.

MultiRegsiter windows - 10Kb

The software includes many aids to speed things up, for example a "scratchpad" allowing common information to be stored and "drag'n'dropped" into anywhere else, as well as a 2009 edition of the popular RISC OS utility TextAid. It even includes a "notes" system for keeping track of what you have and haven't done - for those times when "real life" intervenes and you have to stop to eat, sleep or get kicked out of the library at closing time!

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Which reminds us to point out that the software is ideal for use on laptops, too. You can take it in with you when looking up information, and fill in all your findings for future study.

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The key is to provide space for all the information, and also links to allow external files, notes, pictures, scans and other primary data to be linked in. This way you can have searchable, quick access to all your findings.

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Conceptually similar tools on other platforms are usually rather expensive (because of the development time involved) but we'll be aiming to make this affordable for every RISC OS user interested in family history.

This is made possible because the software is powered by our DataPower engine, although you don't have to own DataPower to use it (it is a self contained product). If you *do* own DataPower, you can if you wish, look in and see how things work, and make changes to the structure and functionality of things. However, there's no need to do so as the software is fully-functional "out of the box".

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On other platforms, it is quite common for applications to be built on top of databases such as Access, SQL-server or the like - any system that needs to record and retrieve information. This hasn't happened in the same way on RISC OS, and this software represents the first in what we hope will be a series of programs harnessing DataPower's inherent power and flexibility as a data management system.

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One of the advantages of this approach is that the software will also work (at least for information storage/retrieval) on Windows systems, as well as RISC OS, thanks to the DataPower Reader for Windows, so enabling the results of your endeavours to be shared with other members of your family.

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