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The Background Effect and Design Solution for Risc OS
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Screen shot
window shown at 50% actual size

The Marbler main window offers full and comprehensive control over pattern mutation including textures, colours, palette and lighting angles.
Saving as a sprite, or the text file used in its generation, can be performed at any point.
An adjust-click on any image places it 'on hold' - ie prevents it being mutated on the next cycle.
Marbler can also save a mutation as an animation which can then be used creatively in many Risc OS applications.

Fully configurable preference options
Preferences screen shot
window shown at 75% actual size

All the textures used throughout the R-Comp site, including background tiles and text fills, have been generated with this piece of software.

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sample thumbnail
Sample Textures (23k)
palette shifting
Palette Shifting Capabilities (18k)
Animation (7k)

button Almost as a by-product, Marbler produces an extensive range of buttons such as this, shown at 50% of generated size with 70% JPEG compression. Press it to access a 'fun' textures page.

System Requirements
Archimedes or Risc PC with 1 Mb RAM or more
Risc OS 3.1 or higher
Floppy or Hard Drive System

Single User: £20 Site Licence: £55

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