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LockScreen provides a password-protected blocking screen that can be activated in one of three ways - either manually (as needed), at startup, or when the computer is idle.

The software uses an encrypted password to protect you, and blocks most common RISC OS tricks to bypass - (eg. no F12, Alt-break, iconbar etc). Whilst no system should ever claim to be completely secure, we've managed to lock ourselves out of a few times during development!

Setting a password

When the Lock Screen is active, it displays an attractive background image, which you can customise and/or randomise. It can also show date and time. It supports resolutions up to 4K, and includes suitable imagery up to that resolution. Additional image packs are available as free downloads.

Locking the screen

The software supports logging to allow you to track / investigate any unauthorised use of the system, and if enabled, will alert you to any such attempts when you next log in.

The software was created with three uses in mind - firstly to protect the ARMbook laptop, which might be left lying around; secondly to protect unattended servers; and thirdly with an eye on GDPR compliance.

GDPR states that anyone handling personal information (eg. names and addresses) for any business, club, church or other organisation should keep said information protected. Requiring a password to access is one basic element of GDPR compliance that applies to many of us!

With this in mind, we'd like to recommend LockScreen to anyone who uses RISC OS to stor names, addresses or any other private info. Or, indeed, your *own* private data.

Note that by design, LockScreen makes no reference to RISC OS, R-Comp or any other tell-tale sign when in use. It doesn't even mention its own name. This is to make it difficult for anyone to identify what they are facing when they encounter the software.

LockScreen options

Key Features

LockScreen requires RISC OS 4 or higher, including RiscPCs running 4.02/4.39/Six, VirtualAcorn, Pi, ARMX6, Titanium and more. The software costs £19 and is available exclusively on !Store - click here to download

Still not sure? Download the manual to find out more (note, the software may have gained more features since this copy of the manual was last updated) - always best to check on !Store.

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