Messenger Pro for Windows/Linux/Mac also available now

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** v8 **

mainsml.png - 27Kb Requirements
RISC OS 3.1 or higher

4Mb RAM or more
(8Mb Recommended)

Internet connection with RISC OS software

Pricing (inc VAT)
Single User:             £40.00
Site/Net Licence:   £100.00
Server Version:       Included

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Composing a Message with
Messenger Pro

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Easy setup with Messenger Pro

Messenger Pro
Only £40.00
inc VAT

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Upgrades from previous versions also available.

Seal Messenger Pro represents a major step forward in RISC OS email support. At last, one application offers all aspects of news and mail reading, complete with the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval. This makes Messenger Pro a truly "industry standard" email/news solution, which properly adheres to Internet protocols whilst making sure that new users produce email which conforms to proper (n)etiquette. The application has particular support for R-Comp's DialUp, as well as the ANT Suite, Voyager (Argonet) and Termite. It will also work fine with Freenet, and the standard RISC OS internet stack with all the popular mail and news transports.

Messenger Pro is one of the most powerful email/news solutions for RISC OS machines. It is designed to happily cope with large quantities of email and news, and the special demands of the office and classroom. Quite simply, Messenger Pro is the solution for RISC OS-based email and news.

We've made sure that Messenger Pro is simple to setup up and use with all the common RISC OS internet suites, and this is backed up by an instructive manual and comprehensive online help. The main features are:

  • Supports all the Internet mail and news standards
  • "Industry Standard" - Messenger Pro has Good NetKeeping Seal of Approval
  • Broadband and network (POP / SMTP / IMAP / NNTP) mail/news support
  • SSL/TLS encryption supported on all major protocols
  • MIME and UU-Code attachment handling, including multi-part
  • Spellcheck facility (UK English supplied, others available)
  • Works with all RISC OS Internet Suites (inc DialUp, NetFetch, ANT etc.)
  • Supports multiple users, mailboxes, mailing lists and newsgroups
  • Share your email with other computers (eg. Windows, Linux, Mac etc)
  • Search and sort your email/news quickly and comprehensively
  • Access mail from a variety of sources:

    • Messenger's own MsgServe email and news database
    • Newsbase (for backwards compatibility)
    • IMAP/NNTP network mail and news

  • Economical on disc space, especially when using MsgServe
  • Proper handling of threading, PGP, multi-part messages and MIME-ing
  • Extensive field testing of Messenger makes it one of the most feature-packed email solutions around. Queue editing, database editing, bouncing, forwarding, reply tracking and more are all readily available.
  • v8 of Messenger Pro also includes Windows / Mac version on the same CD (email only). Reduced priced upgrades are also available.

The "Online" version of Messenger Pro (included as standard in Messenger Pro 6) adds sophisticated network mail and news handling via the IMAP and NNTP protocols, including over SSL. With this enabled, you can read news and mail directly from a server, without the need to download it to your computer first. This is normally only done on local networks, often with a Linux server. The server would download the mail and news, and the user can then access their mail/news by logging in from any local machine running the Online version of Messenger Pro. This also enables online services such as Gmail.

Messenger Pro Server Edition allows you to share your email across your home network so that you can easily access it on other machines, even if they are PCs or other platforms. It is included as standard in v8 onwards, but doesn't include additional user licences. Price includes the software, and a 4 machine "home" licence is £60
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