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 Introducing Messenger Pro
for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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An advanced multi-platform messaging client that provides powerful facilities for managing electronic mail and news from multiple sources.

Messenger Pro is simple to setup and is backed up by an instructive manual and comprehensive online help.


       The main features are:

  • Works with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Supports all the Internet mail and news standards
  • "Industry Standard" - Messenger Pro has Good NetKeeping Seal of Approval
  • DialUp and network (IMAP/NNTP) mail/news support
  • MIME and UU-Code attachment handling, including multi-part
  • Spellcheck facility (UK English supplied, others available)
  • Supports multiple users, mailboxes, mailing lists and newsgroups
  • Search and sort your email/news quickly and comprehensively
  • Proper handling of threading, PGP, multi-part messages and MIME-ing
  • Supports RTF and HTML formats


Easy to Install

Easy to Use


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