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Time and again we hear people saying that they use Windows machines for making/viewing PDF files (electronic documents), in the belief that RISC OS is fundamentally deficient in this area. To counter this, we're launching PDFsuite - an affordable CD containing everything you need to view, print and create PDF files on RISC OS machines (OS 3.5+).

PDF files have become the standard for cross-platform "DTP-style" documents (ie. with all your fonts, pictures and formatting retained). They are ideal for sending to colleagues or friends running on different platforms, and for distributing documents on the web. PDF is, in many ways, essential for RISC OS users, because we use programs like Ovation Pro or Impression, which have their own file formats, not recognised in the world at large. If you could go directly from Impression, Ovation, Draw, FireWorkz, or any number of other programs, straight into PDF, then your documents would be accessible on any other platform.

PDFmaker Enter PDFmaker, a major part of the Suite, developed in-house here at R-Comp. This software allows you to create PDF files from almost any application in just a couple of clicks. Attractively presented, and a doddle to use, PDFmaker lets you drag a PDF straight out to your hard disc, or fine tune quality settings if you wish.

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The Suite also includes PDF viewing software, capable of running on all machines 3.5+ without the need for updated C libraries or any other hassles. You can quickly proof your PDF files, or view/print downloaded documents.

But surely setting all this is complicated? Amazingly, PDFsuite (including PDFmaker) can be installed in just four clicks... Click on the CD icon on the iconbar, 2 clicks on the installation program, and finally one click on "Install". Your computer will be set up to view and create PDFs.

User comments

PDFsuite has received some positive feedback from users. Here are some examples...

"I had tried all the other options and failed to get my book published correctly. Having installed PDFsuite, the printing company accepted it first time."

"...PDFSuite, which has kept me entertained for a number of hours! I wish I had had that this software ten years ago. I have tested it to the extreme, successfully."

Click here to download a sample PDF file showing this web page (created from a web browser using PDFmaker)

Click here to order your copy of PDFsuite (inc PDFmaker) right now!

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PDF Suite Pro

The Pro version of R-Comp's PDF Suite includes an enhanced postscript driver which facilitates the creation of better PDFs in tricky situations. PDF files are, roughly speaking, compressed postscript files, so a more advanced postscript driver allows for more advanced PDFs. .

For example, handling of 256 colour sprites is better, cropping of bitmap images can be achieved, and some graduated fills/blends may look smoother. All typefaces are now embedded in the PDF (previously standard fonts/faces used substitution - Trinity = Times, Homerton = Helvetica etc) which can help with some online printing sites. Note that, of course, more advanced PDF files may not always render so well on some PDF viewers (eg. !PDF), so the software gives users the choice.

We usually encourage users to try the ordinary edition of the software first - it meets the needs of 95% of users - and upgrade if necessary. There are also now a few, small, extra features in Pro such as better use of large RAM on modern machines to boost performance on Pi, Beagle, Panda etc.

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