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SafeStore 2

The BackUp Solution for RISC OS



Single user: £40 inc.
Site licence: £100 inc.
Version 1 now only £25inc.

Bundles with external drives, network attached storage, or pen drives available. Please phone.

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System Requirements

SafeStore requires the following setup to run:

  • RiscPC, A7000, RiscStation, Iyonix, RISCube or A9
  • RISC OS 3.5 and higher
  • 16Mb of RAM
  • Storage for backups
  • VirtualRPC compatible


  • 32Mb for large backups
  • RISCube for access to a broad range of backup devices!
  • If using a RiscPC, a network card is helpful to access discs connected to other computers
  • Iyonix and RiscPC users may wish to use network-attached storage as there aren't many other options for directly-connected external drives.
  • Stop Press: Click here to read the press release about SafeStore 2

    SafeStore is a thoroughly modern backup program, designed for those of us who never seem to get round to backing up. You can set SafeStore up, and it will then automatically backup your data without getting in your way - it can work whilst your computer is idle, and backup as frequently (or infrequently!) as you wish.

    Backup Jobs

    The software can back up to all manner of devices - other folders on your main hard drive, external backup drives, USB pen drives, network shares (ie. backup to other machines, or peripherals connected to other machines), or even via FTP to the internet! SafeStore can automatically log you on to your network connection, and disconnect when done, if you wish.

    Network options

    The software integrates into your RISC OS computer, either as a stand-alone program or as a plugin for the standard Configure screen (the one you see when you double click !Boot). The idea is to make backup just another system task that you set up, and then let the computer get on with it. By being hassle-free, you never know, it might actually get done!

    Backup Window

    The software has many advanced features, such as the ability to ignore certain files/folders, and set different schedules for each and every job. We'd anticipate most users will set up a number of backup jobs - different work folders will need more/less frequent backup.


    The system also introduces a sophisticated "smoothness" slider, which allows you to dynamically increase/decrease system responsiveness as needed, allowing you to get on with work while the backup proceeds in the background.

    Of course, if you find all this talk of automatic backup off-putting, you can set up and trigger backup jobs manually, for "full control". However, despite being something of a control-freak when it comes to his computer, R-Comp's Andrew Rawnsley had this to say - "It's amazing how reassuring it is to know that SafeStore is quietly storing away my key files and email, and whilst I don't normally like automated solutions, I certainly wouldn't want to go back to the insecurity I had before."

    You can even use SafeStore to back up documents stored on other computers (the source folder can be a network location, too) which means that SafeStore can co-ordinate all your backups, copying your files from place to place, ensuring all your systems are safe. And, with the FTP backup system, you could even automate your website uploading!

    Several people have asked about incremental/differential backup with regard to SafeStore. We can confirm that SafeStore only copies changed files, but checks the destination files during copy to correctly detect which files need to be backed up. The reason for this is that many non-ADFS filing systems get the date/time stamps wrong, which can result in everything being copied. SafeStore isn't fooled by such things, and checks files to see what needs to be done. In version 1.02 or later, you can speed things up further by assuming that the destination is unchanged, so that only the source folders are checked for changes. This can result in extremely swift backups.

    User Comments

    We're pleased to say that user feedback has been very positive - in an industry that is quick to report problems, but rare to send praise, here are some example emails...

    "Safestore has already done what I needed. And I have managed to configure it to my specific needs. Once again, my thanks for the excellent software."

    "Safestore is even better than I expected. Its versatility is so useful. Over the past few days, I have found several files which need a regular backup. Adding additional files was so easy."


    SafeStore is available now for £35 inclusive of VAT and delivery. However, we'd imagine that most people will want to purchase it with some form of backup device, so we're offering some excellent bundles. For example, you can buy SafeStore with a 2Gb pen drive for just £50, or with a 320Gb USB2 hard drive for £79! 500Gb drives with firewire/eSATA are also available, as well as large network attached drives - bundles with SafeStore will give you plenty of change from £200 - so come and see us at shows or phone us for more information.

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