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SiteManager   v2+

The Website Management System

for RISC OS computers

Single User: £35
Site Licence: £65
Upgrade (v1): £15

Please add £2 P&P for Europe.
Elsewhere add £5.
VAT is included

Access, Visa, MasterCard, Delta and Switch payments accepted
Shot of SiteMaster - 40kb



SiteMaster 2+ actually contains three separate applications supplied together on a single disc to provide a set of tools for every webmaster's armoury:
SiteMaster v2
The main SiteMaster 2 provides the management and maintenance tools. It allows you rename files without breaking links, add file extensions to files and alter the case of filenames. You can display tree overviews of your site, marking unused files, broken links, images without alternative text, or just files of particular type etc. Comprehensive cross-site search/replace functions are available with a number of wildcard options. You can search links only, or the complete files. Lists of finds can be refined, and files can be farmed out to HTMLEdit or other editors for more detailed editing if required. Once your are happy with your site, you can export it (or just the changed files) in a number of formats (SparkFS recommended to extend support output types).
WebUpload 2
The name says it all! This program is given a directory of files (ie. your web site) and will upload via FTP to your web site. It will upload changes, download existing files etc. Also provides tree views giving you fine control over what is uploaded and downloaded.
Publish v2
The first release of !Publish was supplied with HTMLEdit, but v2 provides an extremely simple scripting function to automate the publishing process across a whole site. Publishing is our term for producing pages from text files and other sub-components which change regularly. By sharing common information across multiple pages, you can change things once, and have it change across many pages. Publish v2 also allows you to draw files or directories of files into your site from other drives or network shares (tested with Access, OmniClient and LanMan98), bringing together pages developed by yourself and others into one coherent website, ready for management and uploading.



Single: £35; Site: £65.
Upgrade from v1: £15

Carriage is included for UK. Europe, please add £2, elsewhere please add £5.
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