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Web Designer's Toolkit

The Extensive HTML Utility and Support Suite for Risc OS

The Web Designer's Toolkit is a separate product to HTMLEdit, and adds functionality which would otherwise be unavailable in the standard edition. The tools in this kit go beyond many conventional WWW Browsers, but are of use to both professional and enthusiast users. HTMLEdit 2 is not required, although naturally the two products make ideal companions for each other, together providing a complete WWW design studio for RiscOS based computers.

Add tables of information directly to your Web Pages with this visual editor. Cells can be joined, alignment can be set on a cell by cell basis, or for entire rows, and headings are also available. Set cell borders, and add captions on any of the table sides!

Click here to see a screenshot of WebTable in action. (20Kb)

The following 'test' table was created using WebTable and HTMLEdit 2, and is based on an example from the HTML Sourcebook 2nd Edition.

Heading 1Heading 3
Item 1Item 2Item 3
Item 4Item 5
Item 6Item 7Item 8
Item 9Item 10
Item 1
A Big Wide Item 11

If you need to produce frame-based pages, then this visual editor will make it easy! Supports all frame properties including frame naming, horizontal and vertical margin settings, control over resizing and scrolling of frames and more!

Click here for a (small!) screenshot of Framer in action. (6Kb)

Create Animated Gifs, and use Drawfiles in your pages, in addition to all the usual gif/jpeg options. Now supports batch processing of images!

The Toolkit logo at the top of this page (click here!) started life as a drawfile. As you can see, for any kind of logo work, the ability to convert and process drawfiles for use in WWW pages is invaluable.

Generate 'hot' images with this simple, visual image-map editor. Create multiple hot zones on your images, and produce industry standard files.

The latest versions have full support for polygonal areas, image scaling (with accurate editing even when zoomed right in) NCSA, CERN and client-side map formats, object editing and much more.

(Batch!) Process HTML and text files for transfer to other platfoms, and prepare them for DTP documents! This is an enhancement of tools available in HTMLEdit 2, plus a new 'paragraph' mode which allows you to remove any formatting imposed on a text file (or HTML file!), so that the text can be easily re-formatted elsewhere (very) useful for publishing information found on the WWW!

Create custom macros and tags for use with any application. Special parameter support is included for tags. Enhanced for HTMLEdit users! Includes URL databasing!

Convert filetypes to and fromPC/Unix file extensions for guaranteed web page compatibility! Batch processing also included.

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