ADSL inc 4 high-speed 10/100 network ports and Wireless facilities

£139 inc VAT

This product allows ADSL to be used on RISC OS, and also acts as a 802.11g+ wireless basestation (backwards compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g), ideal for use with laptops (eg, the new RCI RISCbook machines, which include wireless networking facilties). It includes an ADSL modem, so there's no need to buy one from your provider. The unit has 4 high-speed ports for connecting in your desktop computers. Recommended ISPs include Demon (great support), BT or other players such as Plusnet or Pipex. Price includes NetFetch software.

Router may include additional facilities not mentioned here such as USB print server etc. Please phone or email if you wish to know more about our current range.

All internet sharing products include RISC OS instructions, software, firewall/NAT security, and support.

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