RISC OS 10/100 Mbit Network Cards

£89 inc VAT

This exciting product from RCI couples high performance RISC OS networking with affordable prices. The cards are suitable for use in RiscPC and A7000 series computers, and support both 10 and 100Mbit networking. They plug into the network card slot on the motherboard of these machines. The cards were designed with quality in mind, not price - although you'll like that too!

The cards have extra buffering to ensure reliable, high performance networking, and deliver (at 100Mbit) speeds only limited by the rate at which the computer's processor can handle network traffic.

Additionally, the cards come bundled with BootP support for auto-configuration on university and business networks, where you might not have the liberty of choosing your own settings.

These cards really shine when coupled with some of our other networking products, which often include 4 port "switches" (think of that as a high performance hub) to ensure speedy 100 Mbit operation.

Customer quote -

"this new interface does achieve higher performance 'out of the box' than (a competing product)"

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