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R-Comp Interactive (RCI) has been involved in networking for a number of years, and specialize in delivering solutions tailored to customers' requirements. We combine specially selected hardware items with RISC OS software such as Network Printer Drivers and Netfetch, as well as for Windows PCs too. We believe in printed manuals describing exactly what to do, and each product ships with instructions written by us.
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Fed up with awkward wiring for your network? Need to connect in computers downstairs, or in different rooms? After the somewhat disappointing results that wireless networking tends to give, we now use Powerline Networking here at RCI. This uses your house mains wiring to transmit data, allowing you to "plug-in" in one place and "plug-out" in one or more other locations. Speeds up to 200Mbs are available (ie. fast!) and the connections are very reliable. We use this to connect upstairs/downstairs here at the office, and at home we use it to add networking to the living room and bedroom. Telephone us on 01925 755043 for more information - we carry stock!

bullet10/100 Network Card - RCI's high performance RiscPC/A7000 network card

bulletNetwork Printer Drivers - Allows RISC OS machines to print over a network

bulletUniPrint Printer Drivers - "Universal" Network Printer Driver System, allowing RISC OS machines to print via Windows Printer Drivers over a network

bulletRemote Control - Drive a Windows PC from a window on your RISC OS desktop (or fullscreen)

bulletNetfetch3 - Internet software for those accessing the 'Net via a network

bulletPC Network Cards - If you are linking a RISC OS machine and a PC, you'll need a PC network card!

bulletCable/modem internet box - Internet and Printer sharing box with 4 network ports, a printer port and software

bulletADSL internet box - Internet sharing box with 4 network ports and software

bulletADSL + wireless box - Internet sharing box with 4 network ports + wireless networking, and software

bullet4 port Cable router - Internet sharing box with 4 network ports and software (for Cable broadband)

bulletPowerline Networking - A more robust/reliable alternative to wireless networking, this technology uses the mains wiring in your house to share data from room to room. We make extensive use of this ourselves.

bulletPrint server box - 2port - Share two normal printers (and one old serial-printer) on your network

bulletNetwork-in-a-Box - Everything you need to get a RiscPC and Windows PC online with cable/modem/ISDN and printing

bulletADSL-in-a-Box - Everything you need to get a RiscPC and Windows PC online with ADSL

  We also stock a wide range of other Networking gear, such as hubs, switches, cables, PC network cards etc. Ring for details

We suggest that you phone your order, as networking is very much customer-specific, but if you wish,   order.gif - 1349 bytes

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