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May 2002

Networking section is now online.

Feb 2002

We are pleased to announce the release of "Network in a Box", a product designed to bring the ease-of-use for which RISC OS is famed, to the complex-seeming world of Networking.

By providing everything you need to get going, combined with manageably-sized step-by-step guides covering each aspect, it has never been simpler to get your computers talking to each other for file sharing, printer sharing and internet sharing.

The basic "Network in a Box" covers both RISC OS and Windows machines, providing hardware and software for both systems. A unique feature is that unlike the modern trend for "on disc" minimalist instructions for PC software/hardware, all the guides are printed, paper documents, which can be followed easily! The step-by-step instructions not only cover RISC OS, but also Windows 95/98/ME and Windows 2000/XP.

The standard "network in a box" consists of:

  • 1 x RiscPC/A7000 network card

  • 1 x high speed PCI network card for Windows PCs

  • 1 x box for sharing internet (broadband or modem) and
    printer, which acts as the centrepiece (hub) of
    the network for 4 computers. This is actually
    a high speed "switch", which is much faster than a
    normal network hub, ensuring no corners are cut.

  • 5 x printed guides, explaining how to set up both
    RISC OS and Windows systems. Topics covered
    include how to install the cards, how to share
    printers, how to share internet and so on.

  • 2 x network cables

  • Software for both RISC OS and Windows systems.

  • RCI offer technical support for the kit, to the usual "RISC OS standands", for both the RISC OS and Windows aspects of the package.

The price for the kit is 299ukp inclusive of VAT and delivery. This is actually significantly cheaper than buying the components individually, and also includes technical support. We are using quality, branded components, thereby ensuring confidence in the product(s) purchased.

Additional network cards/cables may be added either at the time of purchase, or at a later date. Other options include PCMCIA network cards for laptops and the like.

Note on internet sharing

The unit is designed with broadband cable internet access in mind, and also works happily with standard 56k modems and ISDN. Note that until BT introduce their "DIY" ADSL service country-wide (it is available in some areas already), it is not suitable for ADSL.

Who is this aimed at

The product has come about because a large number of people now have multiple computers (be they RISC OS or Windows) in the home. They are sick and tired of endless switch boxes, removable media and the "are-you-using-the-internet- on-the-other-machine-or-can-I-use-it-now" syndrome. Many people know that a network is the answer, but everything appears so complex, and no-one seems to provide support/ explanations of "the whole thing".

"Network in a box" solves this by providing you with a complete solution, backed up by support and manuals covering the whole process.

Your next step

We feel it is important for you to discuss your requirements with us prior to purchase, and in this regard we are not simply adding "Network in a box" to our website. You should phone us (or email, but phone is very much preferable!) on 01925 755043. This will enable us to ensure that we provide you with the right kit for your situation.

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