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RISC OS 3.1 or higher

2Mb RAM or more
(4Mb Recommended)

MIDI interface
or software synth


Single User: 70 inc
Site:   170 inc VAT

the risc os midi sequencer

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Anthem is a feature packed, easy to use MIDI sequencing package for RISC OS computers. It employs a powerful and acclaimed new object-orientated (phrases of music) song structure that allows the musician flexibility in arrangement, and ease of editing unparalleled by any other RISC OS sequencer.

Some of its features are:

  • Powerful MIDI and Wave sequencer
  • Flexible phrase-based song structure
  • Handles standard MIDI files
  • Digital audio support for including live sampled recordings
  • MIDI and digital audio playback
  • Full accurate background playback
  • Any number of tracks per song
  • Playback with real-time effects
  • Powerful Music editors:

    • Flexible MIDI event list editor
    • Piano roll editor with controller maps
    • Step editor
    • Drum editor
    • Innovative new stave roll editor

  • Select all voices and controllers by name
  • GM/GS/XG MIDI support
  • Synchro start facility
  • On-screen gadgets including
    • Studio clock
    • Virtual on-screen keyboard
    • Flexible MIDI activity VU bars
    • MIDI mixing desk
    • MIDI panic facility
  • Power quantise
  • And much, much more....

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