Anthem: building music  

Anthem is a feature packed, easy to use package. it employs a powerful and acclaimed new object oriented song structure that allows the musician flexibility in arrangement and ease of editing unparalleled by any other Acorn sequencer.

Some of it's advanced features include:

  • Powerful linear sequencer
  • Flexible object-oriented song structure
  • Handles import and export of industry standard MIDI files (both type 0 and type 1)
  • MIDI and audio support
  • Full accurate background MIDI playback
  • Any number of Tracks per Song
  • Playback with real-time effects (remapping, transpose, quantise, velocity window, repeat, offset etc)
  • Powerful music editors:
    • Flexible list editor
    • Piano roll editor with powerful 'controller maps'
    • Step editor
    • Drum editor
    • Innovative new stave roll editor
  • Select all voices and controllers by name from a hierarchical menu system
  • GM/GS MIDI support
  • Synchro start of playback
  • On screen gadgets:
    • Studio clock
    • Virtual keyboard
    • Flexible MIDI activity VU bars
    • MIDI mixing desk
    • MIDI panic facility
  • Power quantise supporting:
    • full unrestricted groove setting
    • windowing
    • intelligent snap point choosing
    • humanization
  • Phrase tools
    • Add/subtract Phrases
    • Arpeggiate Phrases
    • 'Explode' Phrases
  • Highly configurable metronome
  • MIDI echo facility with optional channel/port remapping
  • MIDI command filters for incoming, outgoing and echoed MIDI streams
  • Intuitive RISC OS compliant user interface
  • No fixed limit on maximum bar number: updates dynamically
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • Phrase merging
  • Imports cakewalk instrument definition files
  • Playback of musical Phrase being edited
  • Flag points in timeline
  • Free DeMIDIfier utility that intelligently decomposes MIDI files into more structured music.
  • RISC OS 4 ready

As you can see, Anthem provides a myriad of useful facilities.

However they are presented in a consistent and logical manner. The program has been carefully designed to be both easy and fun to use, fully integrating with RISC OS, enabling the first time user to easily produce music whilst allowing the experienced user to quickly produce impressive sounding compositions.
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