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CD audio/MP3 software for RISC OS machines

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R-Comp Interactive is pleased to announce the release of MusicMan 2 for RISC OS computers, including the latest Iyonix PC. The software is designed to allow users to play audio CDs complete with track listings and album information (both of which can be downloaded from the internet) and, at the click of a button, convert these into MP3 and other audio formats.

Music files are then saved, catalogued by artist and album, with track names, music genre and other information preserved.

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The software is designed to be extremely easy to use, with a clear and straightforward interface. Information about the disc and track titles can be looked-up on the internet and audio extracted/converted in one or two clicks of the mouse.

MP3 creation is provided by the Shine encoder, which gives speedy MP3 encoding (the Iyonix can convert a 7 minute CD track in close to 1 minute) and testing on StrongArm RiscPC machines proved pleasing too. Whilst the software should work on older RISC OS machines, the audio conversion component may take some time. Shine is used with kind permission of Pete Everett who ported it to RISC OS (it is not (c) R-Comp Interactive).

MusicMan is designed to appeal to users who are interested in exploring MP3 audio, or existing MP3 enthusiasts with RISC OS machines looking for elegant, straightforward ways of using RISC OS to make them. The audio CD side of the software includes online disc/track lookup support, which we believe will appeal to CD enthusiasts in the internet- enabled world!

Please note that some older CD drives/drivers may have problems with audio extraction (from any such application) - if you are concerned, you may wish to check your drive before purchase. MusicMan should only be used for personal/private purposes, and users are expected to comply with any copyrights associated with their audio CDs.

Additionally, note that we are not making any charge for the Shine MP3 audio encoder which can be downloaded from here. The main MusicMan application is separate from Shine. The commerical components of MusicMan are the main !MusicMan application, the manual, the physical costs and the technical support.

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