PC Sound Professional

Version 2

16 Bit Stereo SoundBlaster® and MIDI support for PC Cards
So, you've got a PC Card, have you?   Maybe you've got a StrongArm to speed it up, too?
But it's still not as hot as a real PC because the sounds and music just aren't right!

Let us introduce PCSound Professional - the answer to your prayers!

Developed in association with Aleph One and ESP, at last you can have proper SoundBlaster® 16 audio and MPU401 MIDI music1 on your PC card!
Supports DOS, Windows and Windows 95!

[A Screenshot of Doom]
Hear the approaches of distant foes, and heighten the suspense with spine-tingling atmospheric music in Doom™
[A Screenshot of Hexen]
Feel the magic and mystery of Hexen™ as owls hoot, lightning claps, and leaves bluster around in the howling wind!

What's New in V2?

  • Full Windows 95 support - use the official Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 drivers! PCSound Pro 2 gives you the extra compatibility to fully take advantage of multimedia under Win95.
  • Run DOS games with sound from Win95 - even in a window!
  • Adjust volumes dynamically on the fly from within Windows and other programs!

Of course PCSound Pro will also work with all your favourite Windows and DOS multimedia and educational software such as MS Encarta™, the popular educational Word Shark 2 and all manner of other sound products.

Also, with a suitable MIDI v4 compliant MIDI interface, you can record and compose music into big-name music packages such as Cubase and Cakewalk for Windows. You can even simultaneously sequence digital audio (eg. vocal lines) with MIDI data!

Click here for Compatibility List and Version Numbers!

System Requirements -

Pricing -

1 The RiscOS side must have some form of MIDI support (eg. Software Synth) for MPU401 playback to work correctly.

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