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UniScan costs £40 : existing UniPrint Deluxe owners will receive a combined UniServer product offering both Scan and Print features.

The combo is available from scratch for £80,
or for £49 for UniPrint v1 or UniPrint-VA users

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About UniScan

In 2002 R-Comp Interactive revolutionised the way RISC OS desktop and virtual systems printed, by allowing users to take advantage of Windows-based printer drivers, either on the same machine (for Virtual RiscPC users), or over a network. Now we've turned our attention to scanning!

UniScan builds on the success of UniPrint, allowing RISC OS users to hook into a wide variety of Windows-compatible scanners. By using Microsoft's official Windows Imaging Architecture (WIA) we are able to drive any scanner conforming to the standards and protocols laid down in Windows ME, 2000 and XP. (Please note, only Windows XP has been tested, but the protocol was introduced back in ME).

Most modern scanners (which tend to be USB-based) conform to these WIA standards, either "out of the box", or in some cases by downloading the latest WIA driver from the internet. Because WIA is a simple, easy standard, most cheaper scanners will use WIA from the get-go, so you won't need to buy expensive scanning equipment to use UniScan!

You can check if your scanner is UniScan compatible by opening My Computer, and seeing if the scanner is listed there (along with your hard drive and CD drive). This isn't a categorical test, but its easy to do. By all means contact your favourite scanner manufacturer and check they support the WIA standard, but since it is an official part of Windows XP (etc) the answer should be "yes". We have tested with affordable scanners from Mustek, Canon, HP etc. WIA is the method that Microsoft's own applications such as MS-Paint (the built-in painting program) scan images, so don't fear!

UniScan follow's UniPrint's design by integrating easily into RISC OS. The supplied scanning program allows you to scan a variety of preset page sizes, or pick your own area. Colour depths of 1bpp (b/w), 256 grays, and 24bpp full colour are supported, and you can adjust image settings (eg. brightness, contrast) to suit. The resulting scan appears as a standard sprite, ready to be dragged into your favourite DTP or graphics program.

It is hoped that we will be able to expand UniScan to cover other kinds of image acquisition in due course, as the WIA standard also covers camera and video capture.

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