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The latest version of the Webster XL software is currently v1.99j - May 2002
Note: Since WXL upgrades are no longer downloadable from this page, the page (and hence the current version number) is only updated occasionally - usually when people remind us that the version number is well out of date!
Sadly, updates are now only available on disc or by email, thanks largely to the unscrupulous minority.

Browser Plugins and Utilities

Some Useful Utilities

archive    !Attacher (61k) - Encodes and Decodes UU-Coded and MIME-ed email attachments such as the WebsterXL updates.
archive    !SoundCon (96k) - reads and writes audio samples in a variety of formats common on various computer platforms.
archive    !MPEG (100k) - MPEG player for RiscOS.
archive    !pdf (124k) - reads Adobe Portable Document Format files and displays them in a window. Pages can easily be saved out as Draw files.
archive    !ChangeFSI (290k) - latest version of this high quality image mastering programme which reads many formats from various computer platforms.

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